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Takamasa Sogi
Age 19
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Kōgon Sect
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Status Alive
Weapons Daikyū Yumi
Japanese Voice Tokuyoshi Kawashima
English Voice Joel McDonald
Takamasa Sogi (送儀嵩征) is the Contracted Monk of Itsuki Yamagami. Their relationship is really complicated. While they both seem to have a romantic relationship, they are incapable of acting on their feelings due to Itsuki's nature as a Shikabane Hime. Both he and Itsuki try to prevent Ouri from making a similar mistake with Makina. But at the same time, their actions show signs that they want Ouri to prove them wrong. Takamasa often fights alongside with Itsuki using a Japanese Daikyū Yumi Bow.


  • His nickname is "String Beat"
  • He has Type O Blood
  • His height is 172cm and his weight is 60kg
  • His age is 19 (born December 29th)
  • His favorite food is fried eggs and dried mackerel
  • He dislikes time-consuming things
  • His specialty is "having many interests and special talents"
  • His eyesight is 40% functioning in both eyes
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